Power station structures / industrial buildings

Power station structures / industrial buildings

Special challenges for all involved parties

Working on power station construction sites around the world presents especially high challenges to staff. On the one hand, team-oriented work in the conflict area between quality, time and cost pressure demands good organisation and resilience on the part of the workers on site. On the other hand, technical and economic conditions require expertise in all areas of the construction progress. Implementing the concrete technological problems also requires very comprehensive specialist knowledge of the material “reinforced concrete” with its properties and field of application.

Special demands on the construction material concrete

Increasingly high degrees of reinforcement, the realisation of mass concreting and the application of concrete in all climatic conditions require the use of suitable concrete mixtures, the development of implementable concreting concepts and corresponding concrete construction management and supervision.

Accelerated construction by means of temperature monitoring

New methods of temperature monitoring and associated maturity calculations allow the temperature in the component to be monitored precisely during hydration and also to define stripping and curing times efficiently, so that the construction progress can possibly be accelerated in comparison to the time specifications according to DIN 1045.

Moreover, the actual demands on construction have expanded considerably in recent years. Power station construction in particular requires the creation of numerous framework documents and specific quality assurance plans as well as comprehensive follow-up documentation which has to be made available to the clients.