Historical buildings

Historical buildings

Historical buildings are worthy of protection

In order to preserve architectural eras and style elements for future generations, one of the main tasks of urban and landscape planning is to conserve the character of historical buildings and to integrate them into their developing surroundings, in order to preserve, ultimately, a manifold and vibrant overall image.

Early damage detection with the help of suitable testing methods

To ensure the durability of historical buildings, especially in light of stronger environmental influences, the structure has to be analysed and assessed precisely using suitable methods, to detect any damages as early as possible.

Adjustment of new repair materials on the old building materials

Furthermore the long-term success of a repair measure can only be guaranteed if the properties of the new repair materials are adjusted to those of the old existing building materials. The chemical and mechanical properties of the old materials are therefore tested by destructive as well as non-destructive methods.

Repair concepts and recommendations

Based on these tests, the necessary repair measures can be planned and implemented. In addition, recommendations and programmes can be developed for the care and maintenance of the protected structures.