Car parks

Car parks

Damage from traffic, moisture, chlorides…

Within all areas of urban spaces a countless number of car parks of different types exist. However, these are generally subject to similar mechanical stresses as a result of motorised traffic, accompanied by a regular exposure to rain-water including the salts/chlorides strewn to de-ice the roads and safeguard the traffic. The typical damages to car parks therefore occur due to an incorrectly dimensioned or damaged sealing of the traffic surfaces and a missing or insufficient drainage, often connected with a missing – or insufficient – repair and maintenance.

Steel corrosion due to construction errors

In addition, construction errors can lead to flex or separation cracks resulting in soaked elements with increased chloride ingress. With ongoing progression, damages in the form of steel corrosion, spalling, etc. occur, which can even endanger the stability of the structure.

Design of a repair concept is fundamental

Comprehensive damage diagnostics and the development of a project-specific, realisable repair concept are therefore especially important in the area of car parks.