Steel construction / Hydraulic steel construction / Corrosion protection

Steel construction / Hydraulic steel construction / Corrosion protection

Steel construction / Hydraulic steel construction

Due to its high strength and resistance combined with good machinability and workability, steel has become indispensable in the construction industry.

In structural and civil engineering, steel construction comprises all the necessary work steps from planning, verification and design to the actual execution of supporting structures made of steel components. Hydraulic steel engineering also covers sub-areas of mechanical engineering and requires additional knowledge in the fields of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics.

With our experienced and motivated employees we support you at any time in your new building or repair project; from project preparation to acceptance and beyond.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion of concrete, reinforced concrete and steel components causes enormous damage to buildings and thus the national economy. Most types of corrosion can be prevented or at least minimised with a suitable corrosion protection, thus maintaining value.

With our certified coating inspectors we advise our clients corrosion protection issues both preventively and in the rehabilitation of corrosion damage and the restoration of corrosion protection. In the case of repair works, we conduct the necessary examinations to record the current state of existing buildings by using extensive equipment and testing methods.

Qualified and certified employees

We plan and accompany steel construction work, both in advance and during construction. Within construction supervision, all necessary control tests and inspections are carried out in order to ensure the quality ordered by the client.

Therefore we can provide highly trained employees with the following qualifications:

  • DVS-IIW International Welding Engineers
  • Welding Quality Inspectors according to DVS-IIW
  • FROSIO Paint Inspectors according to NS 476 (Level III)