Object planning in repair / Repair concept and planning

Scope of work

Based on structural diagnostic examinations to determine the current state, the detection of the origin and development of damages and the planned further use of the building, we develop repair concepts and repair plans and supervise the repair sites during the tendering and implementation phase.

Compliance with quality and testing provisions according to RAL

LPI Ingenieurgesellschaft was awarded the RAL Quality Seal “Planning of repairs of concrete buildings” by the Gütegemeinschaft Planung der Instandhaltung von Betonbauwerken e.V. (Quality Association for the Planning of Repairs of Concrete Buildings). LPI complies with the quality and testing provision of the Quality Association for the Planning of Repairs of Concrete Buildings.

Certification and monitoring by the DPÜ

Additionally, Dr.-Ing. Lasse Petersen has been certified as an expert planner in the area of the protection and repair of concrete elements by the DPÜ (Deutsches Institut für Prüfung und Überwachung e.V., German Institute for Testing and Monitoring) and works as an assistant lecturer with the course “Protection and repair of concrete buildings” at the Leibniz University of Hanover.