Inspection and testing of building materials

Pollutant analysis

Substances hazardous to health in buildings

The use of carcinogenic or mutagenic substances, such as asbestos, PCBs, formaldehyde, wood preservatives, tar-based adhesives and sealants and other substances in buildings has been increasingly in focus for years. The discovery of health-endangering substances in buildings can result not only in immediate danger to the users but also in high restoration and/or disposal costs. For this reason, knowledge of the contamination of existing buildings is often indispensable for proper maintenance planning in order to ensure sufficiently accurate cost and schedule reliability.

We carry out pollutant investigations with qualified and experienced staff and will be pleased to advise you on any measures that may be necessary. The necessary chemical analyses are carried out by accredited test laboratories and evaluated by us on the basis of current regulations. Our services in the field of pollutants include:

Scope of examinations of pollutant analysis:

  • Investigation of use- and construction material-related hazardous substances in buildings
  • Taking of dust and material samples for pollutant analysis
  • Preparation of hazardous substances register
  • Classification of lining materials according to LAGA M20 / DepV (landfill regulation)
  • Determination of waste codes according to AVV (Waste Catalogue Ordinance)
  • Advice on ASI measures (demolition, renovation, maintenance work)
  • Tests on exposed concrete (using exposed concrete test formwork)
  • Technical remediation support
  • Occupational health and safety coordination

Our employees have the following qualifications to comply with the rules for handling hazardous substances:

Qualifications in the field of pollutants:

  • Expertise for safety and health at work in contaminated areas [according to DGUV rule 101-004, annex 6A (former BGR 128)]
  • Expert knowledge for the remediation of building pollutants [according to DGUV rule 101-004, annex 6B (former BGR 128)]
  • Expertise demolition, refurbishment or maintenance work on hazardous materials containing asbestos (according to TRGS 519, Annex 3)
  • Technical qualification demolition, renovation and maintenance work with old mineral wool (according to TRGS 521)