Engineering services for offshore structures

Engineering services for offshore structures

Expert reports to attain individual-case approval for grouted joints

We offer engineering consultancy services in the area of offshore structures with an emphasis on the building product grout, the building component grouted joints and the associated grouting operations. The preparation of expert reports  to achieve a “Zustimmung im Einzelfall” (ZiE, individual-case approval) for grouted joints forms part of our activities, as well as the conduction of material or performance tests on commonly used materials such as HPC and OPC. In addition, we give advice on designing the foundation structures of wind power plants and offshore platforms.

Our areas of activity also include the inspection and supervision of grouting operations, the assessment of existing structures and in-service inspections.

Corrosion protection of great relevance on offshore structures

Furthermore, we work in the field of corrosion protection in the offshore area. Due to the aggressive maritime climate in combination with the generally difficult accessibility of the offshore structures, the planning and dimensioning of a functional corrosion protection is of fundamental importance to ensure the durability of offshore structures.

For this purpose we do not only provide advice, but also carry out inspections and monitoring work with our trained personnel, who have offshore experience and are “Paint Inspector FROSIO Level III certified” (Frosio: Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors for Surface Treatment).

We were involved in the following projects, both in an advisory capacity prior to implementation and also as supervisors during realization:

  • BARD 01 - Wind Turbine Tripiles
  • HelWin Alpha - Platform and Cable Tower
  • BorWin Beta - Platform
  • SylWin alpha - Platform
  • DolWin Alpha - Platform
  • Meerwind Süd/Ost - Wind Turbine Monopiles
  • Riffgrund 01 - Wind Turbine Monopiles
  • Amrumbank West - Substation / Jacket
  • Amrumbank West - Monopiles
  • Butendiek Monopiles
  • Butendiek - Substation / Jacket
  • Borkum West II - Tripod
  • Borkum West II - Substation / Jacket
  • Meerwind Süd/Ost - Platform / Jacket
  • Riffgrund 01 - Platform / Jacket
  • Nordsee Ost - Wind Turbine / jacket
  • MEG Offshore 1 - Wind Turbine / Tripod