Damage and repair expertise

Recording structural damage and preparing repair measures

Statistics show that the number of structural damages has been increasing steadily for many years due to ageing buildings, poor construction work and planning errors.

After the detection of structural damages, the determination of the current state and the preservation of evidence, a precise investigation of the cause of the damage is decisive. Supported by modern technical aids we address these questions precisely, competently and with great commitment. The subsequent tailored concept for repair measures takes into account the remaining lifespan of the building as well as criteria such as safety, economic efficiency and robustness.

Publicly appointed and sworn expert for the area “concrete technology, concrete construction”

Dr.-Ing. Lasse Petersen has been appointed officially and sworn in by Lower Saxony’s Chamber of Engineers as an expert for the area concrete technology, concrete construction, and therefore often acts as a court expert. We also use this experience to help clarify the causes of damage in non-court procedures, and to develop suggestions on how to proceed.