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Berlin Expansion Bundestag


Lünen Cooling tower


Duisburg WHG-tank mug from reinforced concrete


Finland Nuclear power station Olkiluoto 3

Welcome at LPI Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

We are an engineering company for construction technology, materials technology and structural repair, active both nationally and internationally, and with our highly qualified employees we can provide high-quality technical services in the adjacent list of specialist areas.

In addition to engineering services we can also conduct various materials tests in our fully equipped laboratory. Our core competence lies in the examination of structures on site by means of destructive and non-destructive testing methods (e.g. radar measurements, field strength measurement, ultrasound measurements, etc.). Additionally, the daily tasks of our qualified craftsmen include the challenging removal of structural samples such as core samples, the removal of masonry stones, drilling dust, etc. for further material testing.

Despite the numerous methods of examination at our disposal, the success of your project depends above all on the competent analysis of the gained knowledge as basis of the planning task for the individual structures. We support you in this regard, with our team of scientifically trained and experiences engineers.

Our company philosophy is to solve complicated and difficult problems as simply, practically and economically as possible.

Our team

With ca. 50 permanent employees divided among our five locations in Hanover, Hamburg, Wuppertal, Oldenburg and Herten, we support you by providing special services in the field of building materials technology and repair planning for all conventional and sophisticated as well as scientific projects.